MonoCrystalline PV modules

Product Our solar cells and PV technololy give stable and reliable power which gurantees for 25 years life span for less than 20% power loss
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PolyCrystalline PV modules

Product Each of our modules meets international standard with quality and safety. Both poly and mono solar cells have high efficiency and is usable to all kinds of applications.
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BIPV Modules

Product We offer energy efficient and good quality BIPV modules. BIPV modules are used as a roof and a source of electricity of the building.
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Products - Solar Power System

3W Portable Solar lighting System:
Model: AE-S6W

Portable solar lighting system is a simple and best way for people to generate power and save money and energy for household user, traveller, business people and many rural areas of the world where the energy is only the source of firewood, traditional lantern and kerosene lamp.

The portable power system is an energy efficient and advanced portable solar lighting system with USB port for mobile charging and redio which is ideal for rural areas. it is made under energy efficient and clean technology for maximum utilization of energy from the resource and green enviroment.We use LED light as for lighting which is the best lighting solution for the remote area people, it is safe from the point of security and evergy saving.
The portable solar lighting system can run 2 pics of 6V LED bulbs an universal mobilephone charger. The duratioh of the LED will be 7 hours after fully charged.
Area of Usage:
Home Lighting, Mobile charging (USB port for mobile), Redio, Rural Home lighting, Mounainous Area, Traveling/Camping, Desert Area, Grassland Area, Village, Country side, and other ourdoor activities
Technical Specification:
Model No AE-S6W
PV module 3W/9V solar panel with 10 years warrenty.
System Battery 6V/4AH battery with VRLA GEL 2 year warrenty.
Charge Controller Over charge and discharge protection to battery.
Accessories 2 pics 2Watt LED bulb with cables and lamp holder and mobile phone charge adapter
Duration -LED bulb: 7 hours with battery fully charged (2 lamps)
-15 hours at per day's charge (1 lamp)
-Mobile Phone Charge: 4-5 hours to full charge cell phone battery


10 Watt Solar System:

10 Watt solar Panel
12V 7AH Battery
2 pics * 2watt DC Light
 2 pics*2Watt DC light, USB port with mobile Charger Work time 5 hours
Saving & Creating
Clean Enviroment

Atone Energy is promoting clean power by using solar energy. Nowadays increasing greenhouse emmission is deteriorating and making the world very suffocating place to humanbeings. Thus, in this sutuation cleaner and greener world is today's need. By looking at the facts we are encouraged to bring change in the world by solar.which is clean/green technology and the energy free from greenhouse gases.

Enviroment is our life we are creating awareness for making the green world by using clean solar energy and energy efficient equipment.
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