MonoCrystalline PV modules

Product Our solar cells and PV technololy give stable and reliable power which gurantees for 25 years life span for less than 20% power loss
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PolyCrystalline PV modules

Product Each of our modules meets international standard with quality and safety. Both poly and mono solar cells have high efficiency and is usable to all kinds of applications.
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BIPV Modules

Product We offer energy efficient and good quality BIPV modules. BIPV modules are used as a roof and a source of electricity of the building.
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General Policies




Any kinds of reliable payment terms are acceptable; it depends on negotiation at the time order.
Your order will not process until and unless we receive payment or confirmation of payment.
Forwarding As we believe in quality services, we recommend different types of forwarders for you. You can choose your forwarding Company while placing or before delivery of order unless and otherwise you don't want CIF services from Atone New Energy Limited





We request our customers to be aware of possible risks against loss of goods, theft or even damage in transit period. Such risks can be covered by insurance; the responsibility of insurance depends on either party as per negotiation at the time of correspondence. Atone New Energy Limited will not be responsible for the claims if the order is not insured.



Placing an order or purchasing any items with Atone New Energy Limited, the customer agrees to our terms and conditions automatically until and unless we don’t sign for other agreements of sales.

Saving & Creating
Clean Enviroment

Atone Energy is promoting clean power by using solar energy. Nowadays increasing greenhouse emmission is deteriorating and making the world very suffocating place to humanbeings. Thus, in this sutuation cleaner and greener world is today's need. By looking at the facts we are encouraged to bring change in the world by solar.which is clean/green technology and the energy free from greenhouse gases.

Enviroment is our life we are creating awareness for making the green world by using clean solar energy and energy efficient equipment.
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